Update about the Centre

The Centre re-opened on Saturday 4 September for the first time in 18 months. 10 members of the Saturday Club met and played bingo. Two donations of £20 and £5 were given to Management Committee funds,

The Tuesday Club restarts on 7 September. Please note access is restricted to members only for the time being.

A programme of activities has been put together by the committees of both groups, and these are available to see here and here. These will be updated on a regular basis. A printed copy will be available at the Centre as well.

It has been agreed to increase the entry fee from £1 to £2 to help raise much-needed funds.

Several measures have been put in place at the Centre to ensure everyone’s safety. Please follow the guidance that is on display and any information the Management Committee provides.

Further announcements about the Church and other groups will be given soon.